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Home page

From the Society's homepage you can either use the structured links through our site, or you can use the index to assist in locating information.  A link to the latest Events can be found in the navigation links.

Use the red navigation Next> at the bottom of each page to step forwards through the whole web site.

About us

This page provides details on the Society's aims and organisation structure.


The history page include details on the Clan Lindsay societies, and links to a history of the Lindsay family, and a history on each of the surnames traditionally associated with the Lindsay family.

Membership information

Apply now for membership if you are eligible.  To find costs of membership and how to apply, please read this page.


What functions are on this year?  Read this page to find out!


This page includes links to other Clan Lindsay societies, and links to genealogy societies throughout Australia which may assist you in your family history research.  The page includes other interesting links too.

Contact us

Our postal and other contact details are listed here. To minimise spam our email address is an image - please manually type the address into your email editor.

Site map

This page provides a detailed alphabetical listing of what's on the Society's web site.

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